Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our family mission statement

We as a family…

love deeply and honestly, showing the loving heart of God to the world;
laugh often and freely, encouraging an atmosphere of love and joy;
celebrate all for who God made them, trusting that He creates with a purpose;
 value our time together, placing our family above other responsibilities;
   pursue life-long learning, valuing passion, curiosity, and independent thought;
practice healthy living, stressing emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing;
     create a welcoming home, fostering honest and uplifting relationships;
  promote peace & tolerance, striving for compassion in a diverse & nuanced world;
          practice sustainable living, acting as good stewards of God's creation;
                     Enjoy simple living, allowing room for our souls to breath;
…embrace the fullness of life, delighting in both the beautiful and the difficult.

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